Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Adventure 2001 Windows Konami Horror 3D action adventure

The nightmare continues

The Silent Hill franchise is one of the best known of the survival horror series and stands as a landmark alongside Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark. This first sequel to the groundbreaking original isn't quite as sharp as its predecessor, but it remains a disturbingly enjoyable experience. Restless Dreams is actually an updated version of the original Silent Hill 2 which features extra content in the form of a new scenario, a sixth ending and even a cool graphical trick which makes the game look like it was filmed on cheap, grainy stock. The story finds you in control of a new protagonist, who finds himself called to the town of Silent Hill by a letter written by his dead wife. When arriving in the deserted town, you find yourself caught up in a classic horror movie nightmare, full of bizarre demons, horrifying experiences and startling revelations about your own past. The gameplay is similar to the original, with a strong focus on genuine survival horror mixed in with some logic-based puzzles, combat, and exploration. Silent Hill 2 really is a classic of the genre and remains haunting even fifteen years after its original release. It's packed with genuinely terrifying moments and maintains a creepy atmosphere throughout. The visuals are looking a little dated but remain worthy enough, while the new additions are interesting, particularly for veterans who want to delve deeper into the mystery, so whether you're new to the series or an old-hand, there's much to enjoy here.

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