Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Adventure 2001 Windows Atari Horror 3D action adventure Thriller Action

Enough to horrify you, loved it

This is one genre which has always inspired many gamers because it gives fun and horror on the same package and allows you to have an interesting night time gaming. The game is the fourth installment in the series and is probably the best in all four of them. That's what I believe! Well here are a few differences that this games gives you apart from the other games in the series and the big guns like Resident Evil. You have 2 protagonists to choose from and this is not mere an option as it will change the way how you play the game. The selection will decide whether you will be countering more of a puzzle game or monster killing with all that horror thing. The graphics in the game are very good because they have managed to really bring out the horror theme in it and they are enough to give you a thrill night. Similarly the action in killing the monsters and making them do their monstrous stuff is supported by good animations. The A1 is quite moderate in terms of adding toughness to the game but it's really addictive once you set off. The other game in the series which I found to be good was Alone in the Dark 2.


Which games do you remember that frightened you? The Doom series? Or maybe the Resident Evil series? While these two series are probably one of the best in horror genre, there is another series that even to this day it gives gamers goosebumps. I'm talking about the Alone in the Dark series, however, there is one particular game in the series that really caught my eye and offered an interesting concept. It's Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare. Many gamers that aren't familiar with the series they might think one of two thing: this is either an expansion pack or a remake. Well, it's none of that, but rather the forth game in the series. But what's so special about the game. Well, this is: before starting, you have to choose between two of the main protagonists. While in many other games it's not very special, here choosing a character is like choosing your gameplay style: you either want to fight the monsters in the game or want to focus more on puzzles instead. Other than that, the game plays like the others in the series and the camera angles are similar to the camera in Resident Evil. Overall, Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare is a welcomed game to the series and every fan of the horror genre would defintely be pleased with the game.

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