Silent Hill 2

Adventure 2001 Windows Konami Horror Action based

A masterclass in horror

Along with Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil, the Silent Hill franchise is credited with creating the survival horror genre. While the series has suffered a few wobbles along the way, the first two episodes, this one in particular, are superb examples of what can be achieved in the genre and stand as must plays for any fan. This one finds players in control of James Sutherland, a seemingly ordinary man who receives a letter from his wife, telling him to meet her in the town of Silent Hill. The only problem is, she died three years ago, but James goes along anyway in order to find out what's really going on. What follows is a terrifying journey into madness, as James finds himself trapped in the scariest town in the world but where he will discover a whole bunch of secrets about his own past. The games plays out in similar fashion to its predecessor, being a third person adventure, where you explore the town, gathering items and weapons, while learning the tragic history of Silent Hill and its unfortunate inhabitants. Although the game involves a lot of combat, with everyday items being scavenged to help you out, James isn't exactly skilled in this respect, which gives the game an even more terrifying and realistic flavor. Silent Hill 2 remains one of the best survival horror games on the market, fifteen years after its release. The town itself is a masterpiece of design and atmosphere, while the narrative is gripping and haunting. It's a genuinely eerie, and frequently horrifying, experience to explore its streets and in just about every aspect, this delivers the goods. If you haven't played it, check it out and experience a masterclass in terror.

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