America Adventure

Puzzle 1993 Dos Dosbox Knowledge Adventure Education

Trivia based on history, geography, plus miscellaneous!

In America Adventure you are going to have an all American adventure, however, one that is based in knowledge, mostly about the continental America. You're going to be offered a lot of well chosen questions that will test your geographical know how, your history know how, and will even ask you a few trivia questions about pop culture and the like. For instance, a question might be formulated as a multiple choice one, about the capital city of a certain region, or will inquire as to whom was involved in a certain historical battle and the like. Now, while a question and multiple answer game, the graphics in this one are pretty interesting. Along with the questions you also get cool backgrounds that have something to do with the question, and so it feel like you're truly having an adventure. Thus, if you like a colorful game, even a trivia one, this one is sure it. So, no matter what America Adventure keeps you well entertained, has a whole lot to offer and is the kind of experience that trivia lovers will fall in love with. Plus, as extras, the game contains a well produced encyclopedia which can be easily browsed and thus used with ease. Else, download Friends: The One with All the Trivia if instead of serious questions of history and geography, you want a quiz about the well known TV series Friends.

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