Dinosaur Adventure

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Knowledge Adventure Science

Dino adventure time

Dinosaur Adventure is a fun educational game (like Ecoquest) for kids ages 4 to 7, teaching them about dinosaurs, what they are and when are they from. You have various pictures explaining dinosaur species and it even has an additional package in which there are nine films about dinosaurs and a fun game quiz. The game has very authentic dinos roar sounds and impressive quality, but for better performance,you will probably want to get Dinosaur Adventure 3D, a 3D enhanced version of the game, you can even put 3D glasses to increase the experience. Kids will click on pictures and the host, or teacher, will start explaining details about each dinosaur including where did they live, what they ate and how they reproduced. The video clips are also very cool, with authentic representation of the dangerous reptiles. The game is very fun, very well designed and a great educational experience for kids of all ages which will get a chance to learn about the collest creatures in our planet's history.

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