3D Body Adventure

Puzzle 1994 Dos Dosbox Knowledge Adventure Education 3D

Edutainment puzzler focusing on the human body

With this game/interactive presentation you will get to explore all sort of different portions of the human body, all pictured in different manners so that you can better view and explore each one of them. You can focus on any internal organs, you can focus on the bone structure or on any other portion you want to take a close look at. The program allows you to take a virtual trip through the body, or around its systems. Thus, while you will get this portion that is purely designed to stand as a tutorial/learning tool, you also get a few mini games in the package, with which you can see how well you know the human anatomy. Ultimately, due to the program attention to detail and the fact that it offers you lots of different visualizations, you will get to learn the basics of human anatomy in a very interesting fashion. While it won't take the place of a biology compendium, it will help you out if you're looking to study the human anatomy, which is what this edutainment sets to do. Plus, it's still very easy to interact with and can be a great tool still.

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