Bushbuck Adventure

Puzzle 1991 Dos PC Globe Education

Similar to Carmen Sandiego titles, yet with its own unique vibe!

Bushbuck Adventure plays similarly as the Carmen Sandiego edutainment titles, however, Bushbuck Adventure does not copy these games verbatim, it only approximates their gameplay and presentation, while keeping the gameplay and ideas different. In this game you are racing against a computer opponent, or, if you don't want to, you will just have to get through with the challenges in a certain amount of time. Your goal is to retrieve a number of treasures from across the globe. Also, a lot of this title takes place in Australia (therefore the name) and as these edutainment titles tend to do, you will learn about the fauna of the place, some of its geography and also solve puzzles that will gage your special orientation and your ability to perform logic tasks. Graphcially, Bushbuck Adventure is a good looking game, delivered mostly in 2D, from a top down perspective, though at times you will get to perform your puzzles in specific screens. It's is mainly for those that love geography, as most of the game is about orientation. So, download it if you'd like a virtual trek around the world, with a meaty stay in Australia.

Let's go on an adventure around the globe!

It's always great to find a game that both has a very high educational value and and provides a great time for people of all ages. Aside from the Super Solvers edutainment game series, Bushbuck Adventure is also a great way to teach kids a lot about various places on the Earth and geography in general. What better way would be to learn about places than to go to the same? During the game, the player will have to race against time or against a computer opponent to reach certain locations on the planet and retrieve certain treasures. So we have education, fun and a very effective award system! Looks great no matter from which point you look at it. Sure, the graphics may seem a bit outdated to the today's kid but the captivating gameplay, educational value and the total amount of fun the game provides might be why he or she will love it nevertheless. And chances are that the parents also may want to take a seat and have a spin on it themselves.

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