Adventure 1992 Dos Text based

A Middle Earth based rogue like

If you want to play a role playing game, defined a lot by the roll of the dice, with game worlds that are slightly different each time you start a new session, then you can be sure that Angband will offer you that satisfaction. Angband is a rogue like in the eponymous Middle Earth location and you are tasked with finding Morgoth so as to kill him. You are trying to do that in order to secure the Silmarillion jewel. The game, graphically looks pretty amazing for a rogue like. Yes, it's still top down and produced at random, at least in parts, but it certainly is light years above the early ASCII kind of rogue like games that were produced even around 93. The fighting system, and the way the enemies are spawned, as well as the manner in which the game sprinkles weapons and other artifacts on the way will insure that it will keep you busy for a long period of time. If I have to find any fault with it, then I will say that the world might be a little too blocky, as the tile sets are all squares, but then again, that was to be expected. So, play this one, or download Zangbard, which is produced by the same developers and based on H.P. Lovecraft lore instead of Tolkien.

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