Dungeon Hack

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Dungeon crawler; a combo of NetHack and Eye of the Beholder

Dungeon Hack is a cool hack and slash RPG in first person with really large maps, and a large number of dungeons. It is best described as a game where you have the story of Eye of the Beholder and the dungeon crawler portions of Eye of the Beholder. Thus, all things considered, you will find it to be a pretty interesting game, a really cool combination of gameplay styles that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. The dungeons, as in NetHack are created instantaneously, every time you start the game. And thus, you will that Dungeon Hack can generate pretty interesting dungeons, and pretty diverse ones. The developers went as far as to state that the amount of dungeons possible is in excess of 4 billion. And that is definitely a lot! So, with that in mind, you should definitely give this game a go, if you like cool first person dungeon crawling games. You will also find that Dungeon Hack offers a very satisfying build, in terms of controls, which are easy and direct, and a progression that is not too steep.

A typical dungeon crawl

Dungeon Hack is RPG Diablo game before it was cool - a great dungeon crawl hack and slash game that is great for all blood thirsty fantasy lovers, especially those with an affinity for Dungeons and Dragons. It doesn't take a lot of thinking to be successful at this game - you are armed with your weapon, and go through randomly generated dungeons, kill the baddies, and pick up items, which you store in your inventory. The inventory looks a lot like the one in Diablo, with blocks that determine the size of your item and how many items you can store. The game is very dynamic and fast paced and will be over before you know it, unfortunately. The graphics are a lot blocky and grainy, but otherwise very nice and colorful. The inventory and user panel is tastefully designed and logically organized, so there won't be any trouble in finding what's what in the game. It will definitely get under your skin very fast and stay in your memory for years to come. Highly recommended!

Dungeon Hack - classic

Classic Dungeon crawl with excellent replayability and adjustable difficulty levels. I have loved this game since I first played in the 1990's. Unlike Dungeon Master RPG - this is not a puzzle game so takes minimal problem solving skills. I recommend this game for anyone who is looking for a fast-paced, monster slashing good time.

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