Animal Quest

Puzzle 1996 Dos Dosbox Alive Software Education Nature simulation Animals

Smart like a fox or strong like a bear?

This is a turn based strategy game, cute as a cucumber, that pits wolves, foxes, bears, serpents and other creatures of the forest against each other, in a splendid environment made of tiles, each one depicting an animal, a bit of grass or some other natural obstacle. The ultimate goal is to outsmart or to out power the other living creatures, and head towards the exit. The problem is that the other creatures will want to stop you, so you have to use your abilities to get past them or to defeat them. Depending on the creature you choose to play as, your roaster of options is diverse, and so, the tactics you will use will be different. If, say you're a fox, you are faster and thus can move more squares per turn, but if you're a bear, you can tackle most of the other animals directly. It's a rock/paper/scissors type deal though, so it's not a leisurely stride for anyone, no matter what animal they're looking to be. An alternative game to this, well, Heroes can be the serious take of the recipe, though surely much more complicated.

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