Heroes of Might and Magic 2

Strategy 1996 Dos Dosbox New World Computing Fantasy Turn based Medieval

Are you a wizard, a human or a necromancer?

The Heroes of Might and Magic game series is one of the best fantasy turn based strategy series (such as AoW) in the history of gaming, having released 6 games so far and all of them being highly critically acclaimed. The fan base is counted in millions and the series's main trademark are the heroes who can use magic, a bunch of fantasy creatures and mighty and mysterious enemies. This, second installment of the series has all that and more. With an very interesting story line, HOMM2 has much improved graphics from the original HOMM game, while the gameplay hasn't changed at all. You have your wizards, necromancers, dragons, phoenixes... Every fantasy lover's dream is fulfilled. The graphics are fantastic for that time and the sound effects and soundtrack are something special care has been given too, effectively. The whole gaming experience is that of an epic fantasy battle that can continue for months, if needed. The entire HOMM series is absolutely fabulous and HOMM2, while not the best, is still a very fine specimen. All fans are obliged to try the game.

Basic turn taking game

This was a very basic turn taking game, which was one of my favorites, back in the day, and I still get into all these classics that have entertained us for years, basically you start of with a castle and a hero, your must search the map for your enemies whilst returning to you castle to create a strong army and upgrade your town, it is possible to have many heroes searching the map, there are a few types of warrior you can be, warlock, wizard, knight, necromancer... within there castles you can eventually breed dragons, phenox's(?), champion knights, I rate this computer game high it is possible to have many heroes searching the map.

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