Earth Quest

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Learning can be fun

This isn't exactly a game as such, but more of a pretty substantial educational package that aims to educate and entertain players with a wealth of facts about the world. It's the sort of thing that fans of Dance of the Planet 2.0 might enjoy and although it's not that much fun, most of what's on offer is actually quite interesting. The whole thing is presented as a sort of massive encyclopedia which includes multi-media style information on a huge variety of subjects, all related to the world and the things that live in it. There's an absolutely massive range of topics to choose from, with options to venture back through the planet's history, to follow the story of pretty much any group of people who have inhabited the Earth, to take a tour of any of the continents, or to get introduced to the flora and fauna of a particular region. There's also info about the various ecosystems, the atmosphere and everything down to the very water which covers the planet, and really there isn't much that isn't included. There's also quizzes so you can test yourself on how much attention you've actually been paying, which can actually prove quite tricky. As far as encyclopedia-style packages go, this is about top of the game. Although some of the information might be a little out-of-date, the basics remain as accurate as you could hope for. The presentation too is top notch, with some nice little animations and such like which help to bring your learning to life. Really, the only downside is that there's perhaps a little too much detail, and the game can prove a little overwhelming at first. Apart from this though, this is fascinating stuff.

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