Trudy's Time and Place House

Puzzle 1995 Windows Edmark Corporation Education Animals

Puzzler bent on teaching you simple physical concepts

There's A Brief History of Time as an approach to teaching physics with digital interactive constructs (in this case based on Hawking's book, A Brief History of Time) and then there's the more cartoonish and more children themed product that is Trudy's Time and Place House, which is intended both for younger children or for those that just want a collection of puzzles that isn't as bent on explaining things in their inner workings, but rather more bent on showing how they can be used or read. Nothing wrong with neither of these options, though this second one is definitely more fun for a certain age group. In this interactive type experience you will learn about the way time is read and told, learn about the immediate universe, the Sun, the planets and the world map as a globe or as a map. Also, there are a few puzzles in this collection that can't be said to have an immediate teaching role, but they are nevertheless well enough defined to teach about geographical coordinates. So, I think this can be a great game to teach basic science concepts to toddlers and other small children, and fun enough to actually make them play them.

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