Anno 1602: Erschaffung einer neuen Welt - Neue Inseln, Neue Abenteuer

Strategy 1998 Windows Sunflowers Isometric Trade or management

Go back in time

Fans of historical strategy games like Europa Universalis and Caesar 3 would be well advised to check out this classic experience. It's got all the depth and options you need in such a game and provides a lot of lasting appeal, so be prepared to lose large chunks of your life if you do pick it up. As you might expect, the game takes place in 1062 and sees you in control of a sailing vessel. To start with, you have a limited crew and minimal resources and your goal is to choose an island to settle down on, then start your new life. You get to explore this strange new world, seek out new resources, build a settlement, deal with natives, trade with your neighbors and a whole heap of other activities too. Warfare plays a role, so train soldiers and build defenses to keep your people safe, while practicing your diplomacy skills is also highly recommended. There are plenty of scenarios to play through, as well as lots of job and building types to experiment with, while there are over 700 islands to choose from, and which affect how the game unfolds. As far as city builder/real time strategy games go, this really is top notch stuff. It might not be anything overly original, but it's all implemented in such a way as to make this fact easily ignored. The visuals are standard for this sort of thing, but do a good job by being attractive and uncluttered. The interface is slick and intuitive, so keeping tabs on your progress is a breeze, while the range of options gives the game a great sense of depth. Overall, this is a first class historical experience.

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