Caesar 3

Strategy 1998 Windows Sierra Historical Empire management Building Simulation Managerial

Hail Caesar!

The Caesar series is a superb set of strategy city building games, like a mix of The Settlers and SimCity, and this third entry in the franchise is perhaps one of the better efforts, making it a fine choice for any genre fan. In many ways, it's not overly original, but it's simply put together so well that you can easily forgive this and if you do play it, be prepared to say goodbye to the real world. As you might expect from the title, this one puts you in the role of a mighty Roman leader and it's your responsibility to develop your province and turn it into a thriving city. You start out with just a small area under your control, so you'll have to start placing buildings, creating transport networks, building up your defenses and all the other myriad things that need to be taken care of, all while keeping an eye on your resources and finances. Adding to your problems are the Gods, which may send disasters your way if you're not pious enough, while the attentions of rivals may come your way too and which will lead to battle, so be prepared. Caesar 3 really is a great entry into what is a very crowded genre. It's the attention to detail here which helps make it stand out, and there's no denying the sense of satisfaction which comes from gradually building up your city into a bustling metropolis. There's plenty of options and elements to experiment with and which adds much to the long term appeal, while the interface is a breeze to use and the visuals simple but very effective. All in all, a top notch bit of city building fun.

Build an empire you'd want to live in!

The trials and tribulations of a Roman age city planner must have been pretty similar to the ones that the people today have to face. That is something that this third Caesar game manages to convy pretty well. Because, even if you're going to build a ancient age city, there is more to this equation that meets the eye and the complexity of the job becomes pretty self evident in quite a small amount of time. The citizens have lots of demands, and their satisfaction is very important if you wish the game to actually be fun to sink into. The game is simple, but the higher level tactics/planning that you deliberately put into your every new city will make a difference. In a way, Caesar 3 is just as good as any other more recent game that asks you to build, in showcasing how easy it is for city planning to spiral out of control. But the tools the game offers you are pretty well constructed, and that is a good thing; the game itself is well produced, which is always a good thing, given that it allows you to only face the issues inherent in city building and city planning rather than concern yourself with the game's interfaces. One of the best classic era Caesar games, for sure, definitely worth checking out.

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