Theme Hospital

Strategy 1997 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Business Trade or management Tycoon style Building Managerial

Hits the funny bone

Fans of dark humour and management sims will find much to enjoy in this classic offering from Bullfrog Productions, producers of Theme Park. Players must effectively manage their hospital by purchasing rooms and hiring staff which will then attract paying patients. This is where the game really distinguishes itself, as the patients all arrive with amusing diseases which must then be diagnosed and treated. Some diseases can be cured simply enough, while others require careful investment to find a research, and there is much amusement to be had from the highly inventive machines used for treatment. Further challenge is offered by the detail to which the game goes into, with everything from your choice of staff to the arrangement of the rooms affecting the hospital's performance. Emergencies such as epidemics or earthquakes also crop up to keep players on their toes and it is only by careful resource management and swift thinking that players will be able to expand their facilities and earn the reputation as the best hospital in the city. Although perhaps a touch simple compared to modern games, Theme Hospital is still a worthy game. Its plain but effective 3D isometric graphics, twisted sense of humour (have fun blasting rats and don't forget to check out your employees' CVs!) and addictive gameplay all combine to make this a great blast from the past.

Hospital themed managerial game

The game can be a bit tricky given that it poses in cartoonish clothes but underneath it sports a rather hardly simulation. The game puts you in the shoes of a hospital manager. As you'd imagine, you have to make sure that each section of the hospital is well supplied, that enough beds are available and that the recovery of your internees is brought back on. This can be done quite easily in terms of the way you interface with the game, but that doesn't mean that your choices should not be calculated. Quite on the contrary, at each step of the way you will have to assess your budget, your personnel and your hospital to pick the best option for your hospital. But, if you don't mind a game that is hard but fair, Theme Hospital will surely do it for you. With the graphics some might encounter some issues. Namely due to the fact that the game sports a certain inkling towards cartoony, and the 2D perspective might not please everyone. But, if these are not issues for you, you will certainly find this game great, drawing you in and showing you a good time, for extended plays or for short and fun ones.

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