Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics

Strategy 1998 Windows GT Interactive Real time Trade or management Science Fiction

Slick and cool sci-fi add-on

Battle Tactics is a pretty cool add-on to an already highly enjoyable science fiction strategy game that that builds on the likes of Command & Conquer to decent effect. The base game tells the tale of a bitter conflict in the far future between the Arm and the Core and which has devastated the galaxy thanks to the use of terrible weaponry. The player chooses which of the two sides they want to fight for and then must complete a series of complex missions in order to defeat the enemy. The missions are quite varied and involve the likes of rescuing hostages and capturing bases, while all the usual elements of RTS games all make an appearance, such as resource gathering. The Battle Tactics add-on brings over a hundred shorter missions for fans to test themselves with for when they don't want to get into the whole campaign. There are also a handful of extra units which bring some new tactical variations as well as some new environment types to battle over, along with a handful of other extras. IF you are a fan of the base game, then this is a must play as it retains all the basic goodness of the original but subtly changes the gamestyle. The shorter missions require a different approach and yet retain all the tactical depth and enjoyment of the original. The interface remains the same as before and is nice and easy to get into, especially if you've played this sort of thing before, while the visuals are nice and slick, with some cool units and environments. All in all, this is a top notch slice of strategy wargaming.

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