Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition

Action 2006 Windows Digital Lounge Platformer Puzzle based Adventure

Truly classic platforming adventure

Now this is a classic, a truly cinematic platform game that has proved highly influential and which has stood the test of time. If you have any interest in platformers, gaming history or you just enjoy great games, then you need to play this. Ostensibly, Another World is a platform game, with the player running, jumping and fighting their way through a beautifully realised set of alien environments. The story revolves around a brilliant physicist who finds himself transported to an alien world. After avoiding the indigenous wildlife for a bit, he is captured by the natives but is able to escape with the help of Buddy, a fellow prisoner. Together they seek a way off the planet, and must evade being captured again whilst fighting off the attentions of the various aggressive animals which are still out for their blood. Another World is notable for a number of reasons and which mean that it really should be played. In terms of plot, the narrative skill on display here is quite remarkable, with no on screen text and no intelligible dialogue but the game still provides a compelling story and engaging characters despite this lack of traditional features. The game also encourages exploration and tests players, as it offers no hints as to what to do next, but instead challenges players to figure out puzzles by themselves, something which is immensely refreshing. Visually too, Another World is immensely striking, with gorgeous and lushly detailed environments populated but sprites that are incredibly smoothly animated. As a captivating excursion into a truly alien land, this is tough to beat and if you enjoy this then check out Heart of Darkness and Flashback for more amazing adventures.

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