Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

Action 1997 Windows Dosbox GT Interactive Platformer Puzzle based Adventure


This is one weird, but still extremely interesting side scrolling adventure game. Something really unique. This game blends action, puzzle, adventure and a platform all in one game and it's a blast. Really, it is. The game just screams with non-stop fun and every second there is something new and interesting to look at. The game is extremely beautifully done. Just like in Neverhood, another very unique game, it looks like the game is made entirely out of clay. The animation is also outstanding which is important, since you will need a lot of jumping, sneaking and hiding to do. The main character is just so simple and lovable, and you can't but sympathize with him when he embarks on his journey to free himself and all of his buddies from the claws of the slavery loving people of Rupture Farms owners. This game is a breath of fresh air from typical, straight forward platform games, boring characters and dull puzzles. This game will blow your mind and leave a very strong impression for decades to come.

Save the Mudokons!

An interesting platform-puzzle game. Defently worth trying it! Set in a dictatory world, you are Abe, a prisoner who tries to find his way to freedom. You face single screens one by one with different kind of sentinels and situations. Jump, run, roll, sneak and hide in dark spots to keep yourself alive on the way home!

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