Arcade Mania

Arcade 1995 Windows Corel Corporation Shooter Arkanoid style Compilation

3 abysmal games from a company that was never about games...

Why do something if you don't plan on doing a good job with it? I mean, enter Arcade Mania, a product form Adobe, a developer of photo editing and digital asset creation software, that, out of the blue, creates a bundle of 3 minigames, one a shooter, a shooter gallery game and a Breakout title. Quite why you would do that, if you know these titles are bad, if you know you don't work in the gaming industry is besides me. I mean, there games aren't even some sort of merchandising/ advertising tool, nope, they are straight up games, that are just poor in quality, So, if I am to channel a very well known Grinch of the videogame area I'd say “ What were they thinking???” Well, maybe thinking that they'd make a profit is what drove them, but everyone knew the bundle was not worth its salt, so, nobody played it! So, that's my recommendation to you as well, stay away from it, it's not even cute, it's just a boring, kinda depressing collection of awful games, at their best sufferable! Play, say, Microsoft's bundle of games which, while not original, is at least well done!

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