Arcade #1

Arcade 1986 Dos KeyPunch ASCII based

Another Keypunch stolen games bundle!

Arcade 1 is a bundle containing games from various developers, generally games that used to be circulated within the BBS systems of the 80s, games that might have not been very commercially successful, but good ones nonetheless! They found their way in Keypunch's bundle, as some other have, even in spite of copyright violation, but at any rate, the 80s were kind of a wild west period for gaming! So, you'll find in this bundle the great Pitfall, an Atari classic remade, called Artillery, which has a sort of Scorched Earth vibe about it, a game called Goob, which is a space shooter that's simplistic but fun, and, le piece de resistance, the mighty X-Wing, the true and original one! Wow! At any rate, all games are packaged nicely, at least, they can be selected from a start screen interface and of course Pitfall and X-Wing rule quality wise, but the other ones are pretty cool too. So, well, if you want to take a gander at how pirating used to be like in the 80s, then this game here kind of is a good example! It sure knew how to get games from others and then run with them! So, well, give it a go, and see what a high seas pirate felt like in the prehistoric times!

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