Arcade America

Arcade 1996 Windows Dosbox BMG Interactive Humorous Puzzle based Cartoon

A strange cartoon style game

A very strange and unusual side-scrolling platform game. A lot of the game is cartoon and the cut scene cartoons; they are also very strange. I'm not sure what sort of audience they are actually trying to aim at, if it is kids, teens or adults, in any case the game makes it an overall enjoyable family game for any age, that still tries to appeal to older players. The game is funny, and it is enjoyable to watch due to all the animation and colourful cartoons. It is a humorous overall game in its unusual design. There are many objects to interact with on the levels, many enemies to kill. It reminds me of a Super Mario Bros gone mad and almost acts like a parody of platforming games, I think this is why it is called Arcade America. The game sort of makes a parody of rednecks and Southern way of life like in Redneck Rampage fps game, but it is such a crazy game it only has to be played to be understood. The plot involves the state of California being blown up and the protagonists family gets blown up to all parts of America. You must rescue them.

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