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Collection of puzzles tying in with Taz

You know what/ When games try to pack fluff, extras that don't actually affect the main gameplay I'm kind of annoyed, Don't get me wrong, if you're a company selling to kids and looking to get them to pay attention, tying your digital product with a cartoon franchise or character can have its benefits, but then again it can be distracting. Anyway, this game is all about Taz, the Tasmanian devil, and the other characters inhabiting its world. Therefore, if it is this character that you are looking to have your static board puzzles based on, it should work for you just right. If, however, you were in for some generic puzzler, this will not be it. At any rate, for a collection of classic puzzlers, as long as you love the animated series, you'll be alright, you'll love it. The collection is looking good, clean, almost iOS clarity and usability levels. Just that the puzzles are not too original, they're the classics, find the color, put the tiles in their right places and so on. So, well done but not a must play.

Like Looney Tunes character in it!

The characters in the games have a Looney Tunes flavor and that adds to the attractiveness of it, especially for kids. The game is highly interactive and especially recommended for kids and teens. The game features funny and simultaneously healthy gags to keep folks entertained. There's no exiting once you're in. The game is brilliant and no matter what your choice or interest of games is, you'll surely enjoy at least one fragment of the game thoroughly!

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