Archimedean Dynasty

Simulation 1996 Dos Dosbox Blue Byte Naval Role playing Sci fi

The world of the sea is dangerous!

There have been loads of games that have sunk into postapocalyptic scenarios, and have turned and twisted their every facet; however, very few of them have delighted in looking at the under the sea world, as a futuristic space where humans might retreat to, and start life anew. But, not Archimedean Dynasty! This one does exactly that; it imagines this 27th century Earth where the surface has become unlivable, so people have taken to submersibles and have taken to exploring life under the sea. For the most part Archimedean Dynasty is a submersible action game, in beautiful 3D, but it sure is more than that; the extras, behind the submersible action is really meaty. You can change up your sub in many ways, upgrade it, you can fit it with primary fire weapons, plus with torpedoes and a whole lot more. Thus, the game always has something extra for you, and it will give you a joy ride any time you want to sink into it. And, also, what it does great is just have cool missions, that are diverse and that challenge you in much diverse ways, so that you are never bored of the offer at hand. Else, Silent Hunter still remains a sub sim that is amazing, but Archimedean Dynasty is just a niche of story and game elements rarely explored, worth looking into.

A great game with a likeable character

Archimedean Dynasty is a 1996 action simulation game that brings a very desolate setting. The Earth was lacking the most important resources, and this forced the people to leave it, going to the depth of the ocean. They remained there, building a world named Aqua. You will encounter in detail many people, and there are numerous text-based dialogues to pursue. You will definitely enjoy playing as Flint, and you will cherish his personality and way of being, even from the start. The adventure takes you on sea trips, being drafted with stunning 3D graphics. Some of the characters you will meet are warlords, pirates, politicians, scientists, merchants or workers that will chat with you. The sound effects are worth listening, because they are very good! Don't miss it!

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