688I Hunter Killer

Simulation 1997 Windows Electronic Arts Naval Military Strategy Simulator

Difficult submarine game

688I Hunter Killer is a submarine simulation video game developed by Sonalyst Inc. When some simulation games, like Dangerous Waters, tend to become very boring, this one over here takes the simulation to the extreme. This results in a huge and complicated game, however it really makes you think like the captain of a submarine, where one tiny mistake might cost you and jeopardize your entire mission. But does it make the game enjoyable? Well, it really does, if not making it one of the best submarine simulation games ever released for the PC. The game is played in the following way: after choosing your mission from a list, you're found at the docks, where you can buy and manage your ammo, buy supplies in order for your crew to survive and perform repairs/upgrades on your sub. After that, it's time to go and destroy some target ship. In order to do that, you need to play with a lot of things on the sub, like the "wheel", the radio chatter, periscope etc. However, it's not so simple and without a tutorial or a guide, you won't have any idea what you are doing. This way of gameplay doesn't bore the player, but rather determines him to figure out the controls of the submarine and make him think like as he is on that sub and trying his best to accomplish his mission. And would you believe that this SIMULATION game actually has some music, enhancing the mood for the player? That's a thing that all simulation games should have! Overall, 688I Hunter Killer is one of the greatest and most complicated submarine simulation games ever released for the PC. I might have said that it's a complicated game, but that doesn't mean it makes it a bad game. So, if you want to imagine yourself as a captain of a submarine, go ahead and play this game!

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