Silent Hunter

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The first in the series is also just phenomenal!

There's a whole micro genre when it comes to submersible simulations, but the Silent Hunter series is definitely the best around; yes, some might like some other games of the game genre, but in terms of playability, atmosphere, graphics and mission variety, this one is just unbeatable. So, here's the thing; the game runs a continuous simulation of the ocean, with the movement of the planes above, the ships in the water and the submersibles, the other ones than yours. You have missions within this environment, but a whole lot of left to chance, to what the engine is engaged in doing at a certain moment in time. Thus, with Silent Hunter you never really just get highly scripted missions (though scripts are used at times) you get a living, breathing world, in which you just immerse yourself and have to deal with whatever gets in your way. The simulation of the world is just as good as that of the inner life of the submersible, with all the areas simulated to degrees, but never with more detail that it takes the focus away from the main gameplay moves. Worthy, the entire Silent Hunter is worthy; of downloading, playing, replaying and fiddling with! And that's all I'm gonna say!

Realistic with a rigorous gameplay

Silent Hunter is a combat simulator released in 1996 by Strategic Simulations, which also published and developed Panzer General. The action takes place during World War II, and you command a submarine of the US Navy. Your objectives involve hunting and destroying enemy ships, and their near presence is announced in the reports heard in the stations. This game is fun to play and realistic from all points of view. The interface, the settings, the graphics and sounds offer an authentic naval experience. Everything is very detailed, from the waving sea to the environment that supports even weather conditions. Your missions are challenging and compelling, and you have to choose between the following modes: historical missions, single or career mode. The commander career gives you the possibility to achieve a lot of things. You will be able to set your own objectives, and you will have a panel at your disposal that lets you choose the type of the crew, warship, date, time, torpedoes, speed and other abilities or desires. The controls are convenient and let you jump from station to station by using the mouse and the shortcuts. I recomment you choose the easy missions at first, to get used to the interface and to improve your skills. If you are a fan of wargames and elite ships, Silent Hunter is the game you need.

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