Ashes to Ashes

Action 1996 Windows Corel Corporation Shooter

Boring all the way

It's a pretty average FPS game which has nothing to offer in terms of distinctness or uniqueness. It's on the same platform as other average FPS game which has been though made by a giant software house but lacks the variety and the fun. You will be piloting different vehicles in the form of trucks and turrets which are the only diverse thing in the game. But the thing here is that even while you are driving different vehicles, you won't feel the difference because the tactics and the physics in each of them is pretty much the same. There are 8 different action scenarios in the game and has 50 levels but almost all the scenarios are the same and operate in the same manner as any other. Similarly the level designs are pretty much repetitive which takes away the interest in the game. The game physics are the same throughout every level which makes it thoroughly boring but the graphics are great and are quite appealing visually. The A1 is also not worth mentioning because the enemies are almost mindless and they have no tactical thinking whatsoever. So it's just what you call blind shooting and shooting. There are far better games in this category such as Eradicator.

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