Super Noah's Ark 3-D

Action 1995 Dos Wisdom Tree, Inc. Shooter Humorous

Noah to the rescue!

With a name like this, you can't really expect a super serious game but surprisingly enough, this seems to have been a genuine attempt at bringing a Biblical twist to the first-person shooter genre. This one is based on the Wolfenstein 3D engine so it's got that distinctive nineties look as also seen in things like Blake Stone but it's not really that entertaining an experience so it's only worth a look for the sheer curiosity value. You play Noah and must travel around the Ark feeding the animals in order to keep them calm and make them fall asleep. Instead of guns, you have a hand catapult which you use to fling food at them while another slightly weird inclusion is the way you can collect question marks which open up a quick pop quiz about the Bible. There's little else of interest in all honesty, although this PC version does include better visuals and textures than the SNES version, while also allowing eight-way movement. Super Noah's Ark really is only worth playing for its unusualness as in terms of actual gameplay and entertainment, it's sorely lacking. Even at the time of release, it looked dated alongside other similar titles so now it just looks ugly and unappealing. The gameplay fares little better, with dull, tedious wandering around punctuated by the occasional throwing of food but which lacks the sheer visceral excitement that a shooter needs. The quiz sections don't help things either and really, the whole thing just feels like a general insult, although it might provided some unintended laughs.

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