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Come get some!

Eradicator is a Duke Nukem style first person shooter game from Accolade, a game company that no longer exists. The game is set on a planet with three moons and these moons contain a very important element that all people must have. But evil aliens have come and occupied the moons by putting up a big shield around them. It's time to save the day! When you start the game, you have to choose one of the offered three characters, each having their own stats and a personality, so the game has a good replay value, since you will probably want to play the game with all three characters. What is special about this game is that, unlike most first person shooter games, you can have a first person as well as a third person view of the game. What is even more awesome, you have the abillity to hold up to 15 weapons at the same time which will be rad for all FPS fans. The game doesn't lack on action, oh no. You will definitely get attacked a lot and you will definitely get your fill of blood and violence. At the game intro, you get to hear a hard rock song, fit for games like these. Ingame, there are no sounds except the usual game sounds, which are nothing sprecial. Overall, this is a pretty good old school first person shooter game to blow some steam and in which everyone should enjoy. Great fun too!

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