Chasm: The Rift

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox GT Interactive Shooter Puzzle based

Army shooter in the Quake vein

If you loved Quake but for some reason would have loved a game that took that recipe a step forward, maybe towards a more story driven approach, this little known first person shooter could easily fill that spot. IT can do it because Chasm: The Rift is a very simple, straightforward shooter: you are given a set of mission objectives with every level, and whether you care for the reasons behind them or not, you will navigate the levels as you'd normally would. Yes, when you get lost you'll be happy to find a cluster of soldiers shooting at you, as you'll know that you've found your way, and you will also be on the lookout for ammunition and health quite often. In terms of graphics it looks like a more pimped out Doom, or like a Quake that was sort of made under a budget, but, at any rate, the game is pretty well produced, pretty alright. Yeah, it's not gonna surprise you with no level puzzles, say, like Half Life would but then again, after a few minutes spent with it, you will know what to expect, and will know what kind of game this one is. I think that when you run out of the classic shooters of the era, straying towards the less known gems can be an alright experience, as most of the time the differences are in the stories told, while the gameplay overall, remains pretty similar. And this is what Chasm: The Rift does, it puts forth a playable, alright experience, nothing too fancy, nothing extraordinary.

It's what i call serious action

In Chasm. you are an unnamed marine whose goal in the game is to take down the mutants who have the intention of taking over the world. This plot is though very much old school but the gameplay is well beyond its time. The mutants are basically time strikers and you will be doing action in various time sequences. The movement of your character is quite swift and you will kill different mutants who have their own special traits. The design levels are quite diverse in terms of varied details and the hidden items which you will have to collect for strength and power up throughout the course. Though I have already seen this gameplay in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, but some features are quite distinctive and fun such as removing limbs from the enemies that come hunting you. The game also has depth in terms of the objectives or the missions. So it's a game not to be missed.

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