Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut

Action 2008 Windows UBI Soft Historical 3D action adventure Adventure

First adventure of Desmond, the sexy assassin!

Since I can't really write pages upon pages on why this game is a must play for those that love modern action adventures, I'm gonna focus on a simple, yet relevant detail that, probably, is something that escapes quite a few players and reviewers. And what that little element is, is the player character's fluid, sexy animations! Yap, I didn't notice it either, or didn't see it as such, but my girlfriend, at the time I was fiddling about with this game would sit and watch me play for quite long periods, something she would do at times, though not as often or for as much time as she did. And well, I tried to explain why I liked the game, you know, like a gamer would; this does that, if I climb this building I can quickly descend by jumping in a hay pile, yeah, I have these knives attached on my arms, no, here I need to go stealth, and all that gamer jazz, hehe! Well, so I asked her, I was like, darling, what do you make of it, do you like it? And her response was, oh, yeah, this guy has some hot moves! Damn, so that was what, I guess, impressed her or captured her eye, and I got to give it to her, she was indeed right! But then again, there's loads more about this game that makes it enjoyable, the nice graphics, the cities that are very well constructed and very lively, etc., etc., etc. So, yeah, if you are an admirer of the male form and aggility, or like a well put together third person action adventure, the entire Assassin's Creed series is worth a go. My girlfriend surely liked it!

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