Prince of Persia

Action 2008 Windows Ubisoft Myth and legend 3D action adventure Adventure Tpp Fantasy Action adventure

Just plain exceptional

The innovative and reputed Prince of Persia series has returned with a seventh game, which brings the same beloved prince, with new adventures ahead of him. One of the things that will fascinate you is the visuals and the environment design, which will definitely make you dream and feel like you are in a fairytale. This is a perfect game for those that seek that special vibe when it comes to solving interesting and challenging missions, and discovering many more surprises. Your exploration takes place in a limitless platform, (apparently), where you have to annihilate the dark forces that are on your track. The combat is based on casting spells, acrobatic movements, and use of your weapons. Also, you are able to climb walls, swing on poles, and attention!, you can move quickly and hang on various objects with the new movement feature called "the roof run". This adds extra agility to the prince, and also marvelous animations. In fact, this game transformed Prince of Persia in Spiderman (without throwing spider web, of course). As soon as you proceed, you will be thrilled by the new areas that have a graceful flow. The prince's companion, Elika, helps him in his journey by turning every movement of the prince in a magical one, preventing him to fall or fail in his acrobatic techniques. This is extremely convenient, because there are basically no chances for you to die. Elika is a very important part of the game, and the last moments of your beautiful journey will bring to you emotional impact, which is stronger in the end than the rest of your experience. I felt regret when I've finished it, and you will surely want to live again the adventure, like me. I don't think it is necessary to mention the quality of the sounds and the acting, because they are just plain exceptional.

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