Tomb Raider: Underworld

Action 2008 Windows Eidos Interactive Oriental 3D action adventure Adventure Action adventure

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Welcome back Lara Croft

Tomb Raider Underworld is the eighth entry in the famous Tomb Raider series, direct sequel to Tomb Raider: Legend, Underworld brings back the great gameplay and amazing visuals that the previous game had to offer. The opening scene shows the Croft mansion being blown to pieces, but the weirdest part is that at the end of the introduction video, we see that Lara was behind the explosion of the Croft mansion. The story of the game begin a week before the explosion scene and starts off at the point where Legend left off. Even though the game is about travel around the world collecting treasure, the story of Underworld gets more interesting, giving more reason not to get your hands of the keyboard and mouse. There are various platforming parts to perform, followed by some gunning parts, where you have to shoot various enemies and hazards and occasionally some quicktime events will occure. The graphics in the game are outstanding! The attention to detail are great, the backgrounds are not just some image thrown there randomly. If you're passionate of Lara Croft's action, you'll need to download and play the game, indeed.

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