Montezuma's Return

Action 1997 Windows WizardWorks Historical 3D action adventure

Exploration heavy first person action game

Montezuma's Return is a totally amazing game that is delivered in 3D, gievs you a whole load of levels to explore, some monsters to take on, but it never is just a random level to level kind of game; at times the game asks you to take the time and calculate where you want to go next. The level design is pretty intricate at times, and pretty expansive, with loads of areas that can be accessed through secretive passage ways and other such areas. Plus, at almost every corner you have a trap, a swinging arm that will get you in trouble if you step on it and so on. It's definitely an unpolished work of art, the way the levels adhere to one another, the way the spikes, the moving platforms and all the other areas communicate with one another. So, you really never feel like you're playing the same thing over and over again; this is quite diverse. Nope, it's not inventive as, say, Portal but it sure is a smart, well produced game. The enemies are kind of shallow and easy to defeat, but they are a bit superfluous at any rate, since the game is ultimately a joy ride through weird and intricate levels. If you love 3D exploration and adventure games, this one is definitely a good one.

A Good Indiana Wannabe game

Montezuma's Return is a 1998 action adventure video game for Windows and Game Boy Color and it's the sequel to the original Parker Brothers Montezuma's Revenge. In this Indiana Jones game wannabe, you control Max Montezuma, a soldier who is descended from an ancient Aztec Emperor. Your job as Max is to restore the desecrated tomb of your ancestors, discover the link between the ancient Aztecs and a race of saucer-flying aliens, and more. You go through 8 levels, collecting treasure, avoiding traps, solving puzzles to get to the boss of the level who you have to defeat to get access the exit of the level, and the bosses get stonger as the game continues. The graphics of the game are outstanding for the time it was released and the modeling takes gravity and physics into account, making the game experience more realistic. The sound is also great, since the music for the game is composed by Aaron Humphries and Dominic Messinger and trust me, they are someone... The game itself is witty, it's fun, it's adventurous, it's challenging and it's great. I highly recommend you to get it yourself because you are guaranteed a good time.

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