Atlantis 2: Beyond Atlantis

Adventure 2001 Windows 1C Company Science Fiction Mystery Puzzle based Puzzle Fpp

A classical adventure with good puzzles

It is an adventure which belongs to a long series that has given many good games. Starting with the plot in this game, you will play an adventurist Egyptologist who is on a quest to discover and unfold the mysteries of an ancient Egyptian site. The mysteries are based on both fiction and historical elements of fantasy and also involves science in them. The game slowly captures your interest as it is not fascinating from the word go. The quest will eventually transform into the quest for the ancient and lost city of Atlantis. The game involves a lot of puzzles and riddles which are very competitive and are not frustrating one bit. They have a logical and historic theme to them and involves the players. The puzzles are supported by a good user interface which is simplistic and interactive. The graphics in the game are quite alluring and they give a good detailed view of the gameplay. The level designs are unique but they could have been better. The game is available in many parts but the best thing is that every installment is unique. Symbiocom is another very good adventure game which you will surely admire.

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