Dracula: The Last Sanctuary

Adventure 2000 Windows Infogrames Mystery Horror Puzzle based Casual

Second game in a nice Dracula inspired trilogy

The best way to experience this adventure game is to play the games in order, the first one, Dracula: The Resurrection, then this one, and finish with Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon. There's actually a 4th title, developed more recently, but it's not part of the trilogy, so you don't need to play that to get a feeling of closure at the end of this series, but it's a rather good game as well, Dracula 4: Shadow of the Dragon. The other thing yu might want to do to improve your enjoyment of this title is to play it during the night, or with your blinds on, and, to avoid getting stuck have a good walkthrough nearby, just in case. Anyway, don't be scared, Dracula: The Last Sanctuary is a well balanced point and click game, so you won't ever really get stuck that much, as the game will mostly throw softballs at you. It is more interested in the atmosphere it creates, an act that it manages quite well enough, both with the graphics as well as through the narrative. So, for a Halloween walk down memory lane or simply for a good Dracula adventure, this game as well as the series in its entirety will do a good job.

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