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IF that will remind you why Shakespeare was so important!

Avon is both the name of this game but also the city where Shakespeare was born and raised: Stratford upon Avon. And this game is set both in his time and era as well as in that locale. It's a rather playful interactive fiction product, more interested in giving you a digital tour of the location more than just being heavily interactive, with puzzles that would have definitely felt out of place. So, at any rate, what you might also find nice is the fact that to take the tour the game won't ask of you to have a great background in Shakespeare, but rather that you just go on and experience the game, in a linear fashion; at the end of it you will feel much more knowledgeable about the poet, writer and dramaturgy champion. Now, indeed, it might have looked and played better with a bit of static pictures here and there, though it has some of those as well. But for the most part, it just relies on text to tell its story (and history!). Still, it's a cool earl days interactive fiction, and definitely a treat for those that love classic retro adventures/digital works of history/art literary criticism and history. For that, Avon is pretty decent. A good alternative can be William Shakespeare's Hamlet: A Murder Mystery, which is a playable Hamlet, the play. Awesome, both of them!

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