Son of Stagefright, the Sequel

Adventure 1989 Dos Mike McCauley Text based

Dark Humor infused text adventure game

Son of Stagefright, the Sequel is a very interesting text based adventure game, one that combines mature themed humor with an interesting story, in which you take part as an actor, for some reason sequestered in an abandoned theater. The game is sequenced as a play, so after you manage to get from stage to stage the setup and the activities that you have to perform change. The game is definitely very entertaining, but it also has its moments of scariness. In a way, the game makes a comparison between real life, games and theater, as a way to demonstrate the connection between these mediums, and their significance. So, you are going to be engorged in this very personal and detailed filled story, but at the same time it can speak to you very personally. It is without a doubt a game inspired by the classic of the genre, the Zork series, for instance, but it has its own atmosphere and it communicates its own truths. The developer Mike McCauley, tries to further the lessons learnt while writing Son of Stagefright, the original, and he does manage it. Also, the game is a nod to the power of the AGT adventure game toolkit, with which the game was entirely programmed with.

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