Wizard's Castle, The

Adventure 1981 Dos International PC Owners Text based Role playing

Not for die hard adventure lovers

It is a text base adventure game which has many fictitious elements in the form of mystic treasures and magic. The plot is that a wizard who lived in a castle has disappeared and has left behind a castle which contains an orb of some extraordinary powers along with some very precious treasures which are present in different parts of the castle. Your role in the game is to get into the castle and find the orb along with the treasures that you can bring back. Well it's not so simple because the wizard has also left monsters and various traps in the castle which you will have to face in your quest. The gameplay is very simple where simple commands will be followed to do different actions such as moving to different sections of the castle and fighting with enemies. The player can also negotiate with vendors and can also take the help of mystic pools which can sometime take away power instead of giving. You can consult an easy map for moving as well. The gameplay I say is quite average because this text base adventure is not much exciting and is only for the enthusiasts of this genre. The graphics are also average and so are the sounds. CIA is a far better adventure game than this one.

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