Backyard Baseball 2003

Sport 2002 Windows Infogrames Baseball Humorous

Features the child version of 31 top athletes!

Conceited as it may be, Backyard Baseball 2003 is a great game overall, because even if it paints the players as cartoon versions of themselves, the actual interactions, the things that matter, the gameplay are more fun than you could ever expect. Backyard Baseball 2003 is truly an arcade game, and to go with the graphical presentation, it also offers you a set of mechanics that are both familiar to these baseball games, but also much more less stressful. I'd argue that while the game should entice little ones, it can also be played by anyone, with a love for the game, regardless of age, as a party game, especially if most of your friends have a love for the game. There are 31 pros of the 2002 era to try, from pitchers to all the other players and you might even recognize some of them, especially if you followed the 2000 and about seasons. Anyway, it's either this, or one of the Sensible (insert game title here!) if you're in for the cartoonish graphics and the simplified but meaningful gameplay. For a more up to date, graphically realistically looking baseball game, instead, try Out of the Park Baseball 2007, or later versions of it.

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