Sensible Golf

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Beautiful, playable, one of the best Golf games ever!

I have a really good little warm place in my heart for the Sensible brand of games, may these be golf games or soccer sims. What the series had done was to essentialize the gameplay to the core elements needed, to streamline the controls and to create a unitary visual style. My guess is that all of those games that Nintendo pushed with their Wii and Wii U consoles has had to be inspired by the same line of values, if not directly ripped from this series. In a way Sensible Golf is a game for the entire family; you have very simple controls and a core gameplay mechanic that works absolutely fantastic. This is why every single time you start Sensible Golf, you can really expect to be enveloped by the gameplay, and not fear that you'll run into some troubles, or have to teach a masterclass to those that might want to play along you. So, expect esentialized gameplay, expect, simple mechanics and thoroughly enjoyable reprises over and over again, exactly what you want from such a game, no matter what your mood is!

Lots of courses. Good golf game

Developed and released by Sensible software, Sensible Golf is a DOS based Golf game. I love classic DOS games and this is such a game that will definitely entertain you. Like Sensible software's previous soccer game series Sensible Soccer this game was expected to be a great hit. But it was managed to be a decent game with average ratings. It is not a bad game at all. Atleast I enjoyed it. The level designs of this game are good. You will find 72 holes and there are more than 20 courses. The graphic of this game is one of the drawbacks of Sensible Golf. But still this is a good golf game compare to other 90's golf games. The graphics are colorful and the golf courses are adequate also. But you may find it difficult to find the holes because it is a 2D game. It is always difficult to play a 2D game where you are searching for a hole in a 2D screen. The game controls are easy. Even a kid can play this game. For light entertainment and time pass this is an ideal game. I am giving it 3 out of 5 rating.

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