3D Ultra Minigolf adventures

Sport 2006 Windows Sierra On-Line Summer sports Humorous Golf Sports and outdoors Sports

Wacky and cool

3D Ultra Minigolf adventures is a 2006 sports game that will take you to a new level of playing golf. You will have an experience full of amusement! The environments vary from space, carnival, to wild west, and you can choose to play with 4 characters. The fun aspect stays in the sabotage towards your opponents: you can use fire and other traps to impede them from winning the competition. However, you will love more the multiplayer mode, because it's solid and it has more exciting things to offer you. All the gameplay settings (The Old West, Classic Carnival and Outer Space, and more of them) are spectacular with their high amount of colorful texture details, accompanied by nice music and other sound effects. I found the Old West course the easiest of them all, because you won't need to struggle too much. On the other courses, you have to concentrate more and use your creativity. But all in all, 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures is simply cool for all ages, being different from other golf games with its wacky challenges! If you want to try something less serious than Tiger Woods games and if you want to have a good time with your friends (or with those you don't know personally), choose this addictive and vivid game!

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