Backyard Basketball 2004

Sport 2003 Windows Atari Basketball

Slam dunk this!

Junior basketball fans should lap up this neat little twist on the sports genre, and which continues the generally high standards laid down by previous entries in the Backyard sports franchise. This one might lack the complexity and detail of the best of the NBA series but for when you just want to shoot some hoops, this one ticks all the boxes. As the name suggests, this one takes a less than serious approach to the sport, and throws players into some cool off-court locations to get their basketball fix. You get to hang out with the Backyard Kids, and some kid versions of the top NBA stars from the period, and there's a choice of modes to play around with here. The main focus is on the 3-on-3 mode, which lets you choose your players, jersey, team names and a court, before throwing you out into the action. You can even customize your players, while there's also a variety of moves, including the standard slam dunks alongside slick power-up shots, as well as a few other bits and bobs to play around with. For younger basketball fans, this really is a top notch little game. It gets off to a great start, with its stylish and accessible presentation, which really makes things pop off the screen. There's a good range of options to play around with too, adding further to the appeal, and that's before you've even got on the court. Once you're there though, the fun really cranks up, and although the gameplay is quite simple, it's fast, furious and rarely less than entertaining. When you add in the nice visuals, you have a good all-round kids basketball game.

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