NBA Live 2003

Sport 2002 Windows Electronic Arts Basketball

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It's a slam dunk!

This particular game is part of EA's long running franchise and sees a number of changes over previous instalments whilst also retaining the elements which helped make them so popular. Many of the usual game modes are still to be found, including franchise, season, playoff and one-on-one, all of which feature the high level of real-world players and stats that have come to be expected. The control system is one area where major improvements have been made, and which make the game much faster, more fluid and ultimately more fun than before. This new freestyle system allows for more precise shots and moves to be made, and adds a more comprehensive sense of control to the game, where players really feel like they are in charge. The game features some smooth animation for the players, who have plenty of detail but also a curiously cartoon-like appearance. Backgrounds are static and courts are all very samey, but to be honest, you won't be looking at them much anyway as there is so much fun to be had watching the action. Although not overly realistic, NBA Live 2003 is a fantastic basketball sim that really captures the excitement of the sport, mixing fast-paced gameplay with in-depth stats to create a fine example of the genre.

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