Basketball Challenge

Sport 1987 Dos XOR Corporation Basketball

Stats based basket sim, limited graphically, but otherwise great

If you don't care for graphics in your simulations, heck, if you'd rather be at the bare metal level with it all, you will find that few goes these days offer such a direct contact with the meat of the game. But, truly, Basketball Challenge is that such a game, a simulation of both management as well as live disputes. However, it is a very direct game, you are in control of the game via direct inputs and can see a lot of the mathematics behind the engine at works on a second to second basis. This for me is a great addition and a true advantage of it all, getting to see how the game, the math and the pins and bobs of it all work. Also, for a digital coach the game offers even more of a nice surprise and a satisfying gulp, because it is built on a very sturdy engine. And also, the top down, stick man look of the court is just as well great and I truly enjoyed it. Definitely, if you love messing about with NBA games but want a very bareboned one, this is sure to satisfy that itch, and I do recommend it. Expect minimalism of the best kind!

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