Sport 1993 Dos Olsen Outdoors Fishing

Fishing game with an interest in simulating fishing conditions

The main way in which BassDuel makes itself stand out is through a more careful depiction of the conditions that impact fishing in the wild. That is to say that both atmospheric conditions as well as the positioning of your rod in the water, and the type of water itself will have an effect on your fishing and catching of fish. Furthermore, the game includes a very interesting tournament mode in which you will challenge other AI players. Within this competition your skills and your outlook on fishing will make a very big difference and therefore, your actions will have to be very carefully calculated. And what actions might these be? Well, the choosing of lures, spotting fish schools accurately, and preparing your capture all make for a very intense game of fishing. Therefore, the game is quite intense and can stand its ground easily close by other great games such as Trophy Bass or even Big Game Fishing. In fact, compared to these titles BassDuel might even have an edge as it has a mouse based fish capture interface which makes it a breeze to play whether you are adept or a novice at these games.

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