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Get ready for action

Isometric games were all the rage back in the day, from classic adventures like Head Over Heels and The Great Escape, to arcade-style games like Marble Madness. Sliders plays out a little like a more competitive version of this latter hit, and while it can be tricky to get to grips with, persevere and you'll find a rewarding and challenging slice of two-player action. It's simple enough in concept but if you enjoy futuristic sports games like Speedball, then this should be right up your alley. The game plays out over a series of landscapes, with one simple goal: find the puck that is hidden somewhere in the pitch and then bring it back to your own goal. Of course, there's another player, either human or computer-controlled, trying to do the same thing, which is where the fun really comes into play. The game is best experienced in two-player mode as in this fashion things get amazingly hectic, with plenty of opportunity for fast and furious matches to occur, with lots of to-ing and fro-ing as players fight for control of the puck. To add even more craziness to proceedings, your slider can switch between being negatively and positively charged, thereby attracting or repelling the puck and which forces you to adapt on the fly and change your playing style at the drop of a hat. The visuals on display here are clean and slick, with little in the way of personality but which nevertheless do a fine job, thanks to their relative simplicity which allows players to focus on the action. And on this front, the game certainly delivers and provides all the straightforward fun you could hope for, thus making it well worth a look.

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