Reel Fish'n

Sport 1989 Dos Dosbox Interstel Corporation Fishing

Not as reel as it claims, but fun!

This game is a 2D top down fish arcade, which tasks you with a minigame that bares little actual resemblance with fishing, as the actual mechanic it involves you with has more to do with a game of patience and sharp reflexes. Alright, maybe that is central to fishing as well, so I guess it should work for a fishing game. The game is also tricky as it doesn't really tell you directly where the fishes are, instead, it unnaturally hints towards their hiding places by placing unrealistic clues. Or, well, maybe in real life fish really enjoy the water spots that are visited by plant life as well! All I can say is that the incidence of fishes caught (or escaped capture!) is higher around the patches of green that the game packs. Also, Reel Fish'n is pretty relaxing in that it doesn't really want you to be into the action at all times, there is a bit of playing the waiting game as well, which is kind of relaxing. Graphically, well, it's no technical or artistic marvel, just a plain, but playable 2D top down deal, more than alright for fans of oldschool fishing games. At any rate, it's better than Jaws but Rapala Pro Fishing just to name one title, kind of puts this one to rest as well. But some just like the older games better, and if that's you, try it.

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