Sport 1989 Dos Dosbox LJN Fishing

PC version of the eponymous little arcade NES game

The only difference between this game and it's NES brother is that this one has marginally better graphics, but the premise is without a doubt just as dumb! You are chasing Jaws, the nefarious shark from the eponymous feature film. Bu, instead of actually getting to find him and kill him, you are caught in a weird race from port to port, on a small patch of sea. While it might seem simple and ok, when you find out that, at times, you are sent to this second screen, where you have to kill fish and to collect sea shells, the game seems kind of obtuse at first. But, when you find out that this is what you are going to have to do for the entire duration of the game, things turn downright outrageous. You see, during your port to port travels, these random scuba diving events are the only way to make money and to improve your equipment. Plus, if you die you have to go back to start and it gets old very soon. So, I don't know, maybe call it a budget arcade game, call it a failed experiment, the game will only entertain for about 10 minutes after which, you will kind of have seen everything it has to offer. If you want a diverse arcade game, with shooting and with moving around and exploration, I'd recommend you Cristal Mines, simple in gameplay but with a strategic element that keeps you invested.

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