Battle Command

Action 1990 Dos Ocean First Person Third Person

The sequel to Carrier Command, tank sim

Carrier Command was an aircraft carrier simulation that put you in charge of the advanced aircraft carriers of a WWIII sort of scenario. However, that perspective of the original has been completely minimized, so that in this game, Battle Command, all you will be commanding is a single tank. Therefore, while the single unit tactics and strategy still remain, you no longer have to worry about a whole plethora of advanced strategy options. Nope, this game is pretty much a self sustained, heavy in action, arcade like game, for good and for worse. Most of the time you will be playing the game from the inside of your tank. You see the world in early 90s 3D, with both friendly as well as enemy units roaming about. Some of the missions will see you traverse large swats of terrain to find your target, while others will put you directly into the action. There are, in total, 12 missions, but most of the action is similar. So play it if you love first person tank games, this one is a perfectly viable representative of that genre. A good similar game to download can be K1 Tank, similar in many ways, but at the same time better graphically and in overall diversity.

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